How Loll makes your outdoor experience stylish and sustainable

For the modern “lollygagger”, Loll designer, David Salmela, invites users to “make life outside as enjoyable as inside”.


Based in Duluth, MN, and proudly crafted in the USA, Loll Designs uses environmental and socially responsible practices to design and manufacture high quality, all-weather, innovative outdoor furniture and accessories. Products are made with HDPE (high density polyethylene) which is one of the most commonly used plastics. Users might recognize it anywhere from outdoor playground equipment to cutting boards. Loll’s recycled HDPE materials are primarily sourced from single-use milk jug containers and shampoo bottles. Their Adirondack chair, for instance, is made up of approximately 200 milk jugs per chair!!


Because of the material’s unique composition, Loll furniture is nonporous and will not collect dirt internally. Colour fading is also prevented thanks to a UV protection that is added to the pigment during the extrusion phase, then distributed consistently throughout the plastic. With sustainability ethics top of mind, playing a role in a circular economy is a daily priority for this company, which is why more than 88% of the company’s manufacturing waste is recycled. The remaining incinerated waste is then converted into electricity which is used to heat and power their buildings. While it’s impossible not to leave an environmental footprint, the company continues to strive towards zero waste with their various recycling programs.


Loll strongly believes that if their furniture is made to be enjoyed outdoors, then they have a responsibility to improve the relationship between furniture and the environments in which they are enjoyed. 


Since 2005, more than 135 million milk jugs have been transformed into modern outdoor furniture.


Schreiter’s loves Loll and we know you will, too!